The Best of Motley Crue Vol. 2–December 1991-Part 1


Best Of 2-001

This baby came out just before we heard of the Vince split in 1992. The folks at Superstar Special gave us this Motley tribute as well as ‘Other Action Metal’ with Anthrax, G n’ R & L.A. Guns getting in on said action (only the Crue segment is featured here).

Best Of 2-002Best Of 2-003

Best Of 2-004Best Of 2-005

Pin-up mania with shots from the Dr. Feelgood era.

Best Of 2-006

Best Of 2-007Best Of 2-008

We don’t learn much about the tribute from editor Mike Greenblatt’s note but I know one of the main sources for this edition was Metal Edge Magazine. I already had several of the pin-ups & articles from when they were originally published.

Best Of 2-009Best Of 2-010

The following trip through the Crue years found its way into several Motley tribute magazines.

Best Of 2-011 Best Of 2-012

Best Of 2-013Best Of 2-014

Best Of 2-015Best Of 2-016Best Of 2-017

Fun to see the Crue with a bunch of famous & not-so-famous ‘80s figures. The bad boys of Rock knew how to make friends.

Best Of 2-018Best Of 2-019

Best Of 2-020

Best Of 2-021Best Of 2-022

With the success of Dr. Feelgood you saw the boys rub shoulders with more famous & iconic celebrities like Sylvester Stallone, Arsenio Hall & Willie Nelson.

Best Of 2-023Best Of 2-024

Best Of 2-025Best Of 2-026

Above is a solid block of Sixx. Nikki quotations through the 1980s & then pics of the man from the Feelgood & Shout At The Devil eras from before Nikki learned to eat his food with a fork. 

Best Of 2-027

Best Of 2-028

Best Of 2-029

[Part II can be seen HERE]

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