Girls, Girls, Girls Part 3

The Crue had to prove themselves every time they released a new record in the ‘80s. So many people would write them off & say their time had come . . . & then the next record would be another huge success. This 1987 Faces article asks Crue fans what they expected of the boys after the almost drastic image & sound change on the previous record, Theatre Of Pain.
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Circus caught up with Nikki in early ‘87 to talk about the new record, the songs (‘Five Years Dead’ came from a novel), the upcoming tour, an early run-in with computers & a recent slag from hero Steven Tyler when he saw Nikki wearing one of his 1970s-styled suits onstage:
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Here’s a Vince interview from Metal Edge discussing the new album & tour & the video for the title song with photos from the shoot (from a variety of mags). That blonde with Vince is Sharise Ruddell & would become one of history’s Mrs. Vince Neils & the mother of Vince’s child Skylar who died of cancer at the age of 4 in 1995.
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Here’s some random Crue articles from early 1987. Some of this came out before any of the promotional stuff for the Girls record & tour was released so the mags had to dip back as far as the Shout era for photos. As some of the press & the fans seemed genuinely surprised they were still around in 1987, it was a good time to reminisce & ponder the rather short but eventful Motley career to this point.

From May or June 1987, Circus magazine caught up with Nikki to talk about the upcoming tour & other things Motley. It’s interesting to read the press at this time because little did we know the supposed hell Nikki was going through with addiction. It’s all detailed in The Dirt & The Heroin Diaries & you can read more at the Motley History online Bible: Paul Miles’ Chronological Crue (click THIS LINK to go to the 1987 News page).


Sumthin’ For Nuthin’–Homemade Video

My family had a High-8 video camera in the early nineties & I would use it to make my own videos for Crue tunes. Here’s one I did in 1991 using the video from MTV’s Crue ‘Rockumentary’ & the audio from the Crue’s 1987 cassette release of Girls, Girls, Girls.

Girls, Girls, Girls . . . Part 2

The album was released in May 1987 & by December the band had fallen off the rails in Japan, cancelling a scheduled European tour. Especially with the publications of the autobios The Dirt & Nikki Sixx’s Heroin Diaries, this era has become heavily mythologized & romanticized. Fans of the day did not start to hear tricklings of the band’s excesses until late ‘87 & 1988, but the beginning of the year had the Crue talking excitedly about the new album & tour. Below, Vince tells Hit Parader writer Judy Wieder about an anti-drunk driving ad he did & his feelings on the new record. Set time machines back to 1987.

Here’s some odds & ends from magazines, incomplete interviews & articles from the period before Girls came out.
First is a Circus fragment talking about the Crue in 1986 (mentioning the new record), part of what looks like a centerfold of the Girls stage & a Rock Beat article discussing the Crue up to this point in 1987.

Goodbye to Girls, Girls, Girls Part 2 with this incomplete interview with Mr. Sixx just before the band headed to Japan in 1987 where the whole operation fell apart. Part three, you’ll see!


Theatre Of Pink


Crue fans of the 21st century may not know the feeling the average Motley fan had when they emerged with the gonzo glam style of Theatre Of Pain in early summer, 1985. Motley's previous Metal/Punk appearance & sound were a BIG part of their appeal to young guys & gals. There seemed a strange authenticity with these guys that even peaked through their sometimes outrageous & hilarious 'costumes'. Nonetheless, what can we say about these pin-ups from 1985-86? Those certainly were different times!


Girls, Girls, Girls . . . Part 1

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I really started collecting more Motley stuff around 1987 when Girls, Girls, Girls came out. It seemed the Crue were ever so much more mainstream & were getting tonnes of press. A lot of Circus articles came out in those years & always featured live photos of the band. This was as close as most of us got to seeing the Crue live back in those days.


Of course there were many other publications offering up many live shots of the Girls stage show. Tommy Lee’s drum solo was a thing of legend in itself. I loved the cheap look of the big red plain stage they used.

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Here’s video of the band playing in Tacoma, WA, on the Girls tour, opening the show with one of my Crue favs, ‘All In the Name of Rock n’ Roll'.’