Mick Mars Part 4: Popular Unpopular, 1991

This is a great interview with Mick conducted by RIP Magazine's Editor-In-Chief, Lonn M. Friend in August 1991 when the Motley's were in England for the Monsters of Rock Festival.

Mick is a funny guy & displays a lot of the special charm he has through some (rare) interviews back in the day. He's also, clearly, a misanthrope & displays a general dislike for the human race! He's especially honest here with longtime friend, Friend, & talks about his co-members with a welcomed candor. He talks shop & tells us how some of his most classic riffs were written ('Girls, Girls, Girls': drunk as shit), details on how he & the Crue sobered up, his working relationship with then-wife & Nasty Habit, Emi Canyn & the future of Motley.