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Let’s start this post off by saying right out of the gate: We love Mick Mars. You may even hear us suggest that Mick is THE sound of Motley & the most important member. Ever hear another guitar player play a Crue song? Just doesn’t sound right. Why does Motley stuff not sound like the rest of the ‘Hair Metal’ music of the ‘80s? Because at the helm was an older, wiser, more seasoned & complex musician named Robert Deal.

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Harry Clay was a former member of White Horse (&, briefly, ‘Mottley Croo’) alongside Bob Deal from roughly 1973-1977. Harry was recently interviewed for the podcast ‘Heavy Metal War Stories’ & reveals an amazing amount of candid & crucial Crue/Mick Mars history that sheds much light on those elusive early Motley years. The interview is over an hour long but worth every second to any Crue head. The interviewer comes off as amazingly immature for somebody who must be in his 30s but we thank him for this very essential interview.


Harry Clay Interviewed by Heavy Metal War Stories:

Mick & pdude Whitehorse 1975MC749
So Mick Mars is responsible for:
1. The band name, Motley Crue.
2. Tommy Lee’s rotating drum set idea (see more about that HERE).
3. The connection to the Coffman’s which got the Crue up & running.
4. Himself! Mick Mars (stage name from former band mate Micki Marz) & his taste, experience, powerful guitar work.  
(Mick Mars’ former band mate, Micki Marz)
micki marz
It’s obvious Bob Deal was at the end of his rope when he invented the Mick Mars character & I don’t begrudge him for such a desperate move. I’m glad that Mick is more than the cliché hard rock guitarist type from the ‘80s scene. He’s just another element that made this group special.
There are demos floating around the internet from Mick’s White Horse days & what makes them interesting is that he was a recycler of ideas & you can hear bits of Motley solos in these old tunes. In ‘It’s Only Money’ Mick starts his solo with a piece that would later pop up in ‘Take Me To the Top’ on Too Fast For Love.

****Images without watermark are from Harry Clay’s Myspace page & are not part of my collection.

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