Vince Neil Part 4 – 1987-1988


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We catch up with Vinnie in 1987 on the Girls, Girls, Girls tour. Blast! finds out ‘What Makes Him Really Happy’:

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Charrie Foglio asks Vince about the road, his new girlfriend (& soon to be wife), his thoughts on the AIDS epidemic & details about his 1986 incarceration in her Hit Parader article ‘Motley Crue: Wild Kingdom’.



Metal Edge’s Gerri Miller has a candid conversation with the Blonde God in 1988 as the band was about to begin rehearsals for the Dr. Feelgood record. Vince is engaged to Sharise by this time & credits Motley’s recent cancellation of their European tour to band exhaustion. Vince also lies & says a bottle of mustard exploded in his hand backstage before a show back in 1987 but I believe the incident is mentioned in The Dirt & we learn Mr. Neil was actually having a temper tantrum!

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