Vince Neil Part One





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Vince Neil’s vocals on the Shout At the Devil album & tour were a blend of pop-punk, metal aggression & California homeboy. That snarl was a perfect compliment to Mick Mars’ sleazy guitar tone. His pronunciation was always a little confusing to me & I had difficulty understanding what he was saying most of the time. He became more of a Rock singer in the mold of a David Lee Roth or Steven Tyler with the Theatre of Pain to Dr. Feelgood records, but however Vince has sounded, it’s his voice that is one of the main distinctions of the Motley sound. Certainly Nikki Sixx was lucky to find a man who knew just how to sing songs like ‘Ten Seconds To Love’ which is essentially an AC/DC tune translated into West-Coast American Sleaze rock.



One of the great things about Vince is that because he is not really a musician, he doesn’t have a lot of conceit or pretension that way . . . so you’re getting an honest, if flawed, performance most of the time. Vince has famously become known as a poor live vocalist but he was pretty darn great in the 1980s as the many live videos littering YouTube right now will attest.


I won’t go into the present-day troubles that Vince is experiencing (but you can read about them here at Paul Miles’ 2011 Crue News Page at his venerable Chronological Crue site HERE). Here it is two decades since Motley’s Decade of Decadence & Vince seems to be the one having the most difficulty controlling his demons. Maybe that’s the price exacted from a deal with the Devil? How else can you explain the fact that these people are still alive? :)




  1. Well put about Vince ... he was just a rock fan, really - the lifestyle, etc. But somehow, he tied it all together with an awesome unique voice (with which I think he could have done so much more - very unique!).

  2. Great pictures of Vince Neil πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹ Thank you for posting! I've loved Vince since I was twelve to fourteen years old. πŸ’•πŸ’–