Tommy Lee Part 1–The Girls, Girls, Girls Drum Solo


On the Theatre Of Pain tour Tommy Lee’s drum set rotated & then raised him on a 90 degree angle. For the the 1987 Girls, Girls, Girls tour Tommy wanted to fulfill a dream he said he had where he did a complete 360 degree rotation in his drum kit in mid-air. Thanks to YouTube we can check out video of the solo from a show in Tacoma.

Girls Girls Girls Tour Drum Solo
When Crue went back on the road in 1989 they started in Europe to make up dates they had cancelled in late 1987 after the band descended into near destruction. In Sweden, at the beginning of the Dr. Feelgood tour, Tommy brought the rotating drum kit with him to show his Swedish friends what they missed.
Tommy Lee Drum Solo In 1989 In Sweden

There is video of  Tommy’s 1985-86 Theatre Of Pain drum solo presently on YouTube so we might as well add that to the post. This killer video was taken in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on October 19th, 1985 on the North American leg of the tour (the Crue then went to Europe in 1986) (see Paul Miles’ Chronological Crue Gigography 

Besides the above photos from Circus, Metal Edge, Hit Parader & other metal mags of the day, the only other way us Crue fans could catch a glimpse of this amazing solo without going to a show was the second music video & single off of the Girls, Girls, Girls album, ‘Wild Side.’ I remember watching this with a little bit of awe back in 1987.


More Tommy Lee & Girls, Girls, Girls era Crue on the way . . . Also the first of many (probably too many) Dr. Feelgood era posts, Shout & Decade era, Motley drawings by friends, back patches, early 1990s Crue stuff from Much Music, 3-8 page magazine poster bonanzas & more . .

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