Dr. Feelgood Part 6: Golden Days of 1989-1990



The Motleys were riding high in these boon years of 1989 to 1990. Here’s some Hard Rock artifacts from those halcyon days of yore!

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Metal Muscle magazine describes our boys as ‘The Most Notorious Act of the ‘80s’ & then goes on to sum up Motley operations to the late ‘89, early 1990 point.

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The above Metal Edge Magazine story gives us a time capsule of the band as they embarked on their most successful tour. Late 1989 concerts are mentioned, like the December 10th, 1989 encore at the Meadowlands Arena, East Rutherford, NJ, with Ace Frehley & Sebastien Bach helping the boys out with a version of ‘Jailhouse Rock.’ Here’s a short clip of the night’s events:

The article also mentions Vince’s turn as an actor portraying a murdered rock star in the Andrew Dice Clay vehicle, Ford Fairlane. Here be the trailer with our Vinnie shouting, ‘Hello L. A!’ before he falls to his death. So Motley.

Vince does a phone interview with Carol Anne Szel for the July, 1990 issue of Powerline Magazine & crows about the band’s success. The decadent Girls, Girls, Girls tour is touched on as is the band’s sobriety, seguing into a discussion of marriage & relationships in the Crue camp . . . a fairly generic interview hitting all the same points we see time & time again in these Dr. Feelgood-era interviews.




We’ll end this post with a couple of magazine articles from Metal Edge showing our Crue participating with MTV in the year 1990. Motley’s relationship with MTV grew better in 1989-1990 when the Crue offered up the more commercial music & videos of Dr. Feelgood. Two years earlier, Motley-MTV relations were mightily strained when the music video channel banned at least two of the three videos made for 1987’s Girls, Girls, Girls. The lyrics to the song ‘Wild Side’ got the band in hot water as well. But MTV put the Crue in high rotation in 1990 & helped propel the Crue to mega-success.

img502-auguat 1990img503

Tommy & Vince come in first & second at the 1990 Denver Grand Prix Celebrity Race, continuing their general success in these years. Here’s the MTV ad for the event:

I remember watching the Crue at the Seventh Annual MTV Video Music Awards in September of 1990 & recording the guys performing ‘Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away).’ It was an exciting & rare event to see them on TV in those years. Here’s the Metal Edge article with the Crue featured along with other Hard Rockers of the day & then video of the musical performance & award presentation:

img105-sept 1990img106


Even MORE Dr. Feelgood pics, posters & articles to come at The Sleaze Patrol Files. Until then, Happy Shout Anniversary!