The Illustrated Shout At The Devil Liner Notes-Part 1!

Let's take an in-depth look at Shout At The Devil by playing close attention to the liner notes.

If you want to view more images of the LP & cassette artwork, go HERE & click through.

Nikki gets top billing. His place as Mr. Motley Crue secured early on. He plays bass & sings back-up, it says, & 'bass pedals'. As a kid I've always wondered what that meant & it's like a bass keyboard you use with your feet!

 Mick & Vince get their appropriate credits & we see in Tommy's list something called 'Simmons Drums' which are early electronic drums. You can see them on his kit during the Theatre Of Pain tour & in a lot of videos from the 1980s.

Allister Fiend is listed as the narrator for the album's introduction, 'In The Beginning'. This is the first we hear of Motley's 1980s mascot who would appear on a lot of Motley merchandise starting in 1982-3 up until the Dr. Feelgood era. Band cartoon 'mascots' were big in the '80s with Iron Maiden's 'Eddie' being the most famous & iconic one of the bunch.

Now of course we know that cartoon characters can't talk but our Allister does . . . & he's British! We'll be doing a post dedicated entirely to Allister at some point but to give the credit where it's due, Mr. Fiend is actually Engineer, Geoff Workman. Geoff composed the eerie sounds & recited Nikki's poem for 'In The Beginning'. He also engineered & mixed
the album! His contribution to Shout At The Devil is significant.