Motley Scrapbook #2, Part 2


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Above are a few items that foreshadow some other upcoming Sleaze Patrol posts: magazine Reader’s Awards Polls & letters to the editor/band/musician which used to be a centerpiece of most hard rock publications back in the day. It’s interesting to think of Rock fans of the ‘80s & early ‘90s writing letters to connect with their musical heroes. No email, no Twitter, no MyFace, just the postal service.

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Blast! Magazine had such a low inventory of quality fan-submitted drawings of Rock stars that they had to use the above Tommy Lee one twice for two different stories: Tommy got pickpocketed in New York & Heather Locklear cut her hair (!). A disheveled Tommy comes in second in a car race & a fan writes into to some magazine to say what a cool guy Vince was when she recently met him.

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I started cutting out the Record Chart Top 10 LPs & Singles from my local newspaper & above we see that ‘Primal Scream’ made the top 10 as a single & that the Dr. Feelgood record charted as well. There’s a small pic with text of Tommy with his sister Athena & her band way back in 1989, a goofy Nikki & Mick interview from who knows, members of the Scorpions reviewing the Dr. F video, Motley fans letters . . .

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In an earlier post about Vince I brought up the rumour that he had plastic surgery back in 1989 (read the bottom of the Vince post HERE) & a couple fans wrote to their favourite Metal mag to ask if it was true. Also above, more local charts, a news item about Heather Locklear being jealous of Jessica Hahn’s advances at Tommy at a Sam Kinison video shoot & Nikki talks tats.

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Scrapbook mania!!: Vince at the MTV Awards, two fans hitting on Nikki via letters, a hilarious National Enquirer-style story (probably is NI) about Tommy cheating on Heather in 1989 & she may have to support him if Dr. Feelgood isn’t a success!!!, part of a controversial & classic article from Hit Parader with Quiet Riot’s Kevin DuBrow & Nikki slagging each other & defending each’s band. DuBrow said (see the article’s quote) ‘Motley Crue are nothing but a bunch of poseurs’ & Nikki responds, & Vince waves goodbye until next time at the SP FILES . . . .

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