Vince Neil Part 2–The Blast! Interviews, 1989


The Sleaze Patrol Files brings you Vinnie being interviewed by Blast! Magazine’s Judy Weider at the Little Mountain Sound Studios in Vancouver. This is early 1989 & Vince talks about Nikki & lyrics & getting sober & clean. Again. You’ll notice a theme to all these early Dr. Feelgood interviews.

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Blast! magazine was a low-budget publication with the reader’s drawings making up much of the visual content. Blast! didn’t seem to care if the reader could draw or not, they’d still use the art, with the ‘Famous Last Words’ rock stars quotations getting a lot of the subpar submissions. Of course they knew kids would be buying copies to see their work published, the ‘contest’ ad below doesn’t even mention if the chosen artists get a measly free copy of the Blast! issue or not! 


I can’t find a very convincing chronology to my Vince Blast! interviews so I’ll just post them in the order they were scanned. Judy Weider seems to be assuming that her & Vince are much more chummy than they actually are when she asks about Vince’s marriage to Sharise Ruddell & he politely tells her it’s none of her business. The next few articles are from a late 1989 interview.


Weider talks about car racing with Vince (foreshadowing yeah?), who gets a little defensive when she asks if Tommy & Nikki did pre-production work for Dr. Feelgood. She brings up the wild success of G N’ R & Vince comments on the 1989 Grammys, the Bulletboys & rainy, depressing Vancouver.


Arlett Vereecke conducted an interview with Vince soon after Dr. was released. Vereecke attended the Crue’s back-to-their-roots show at the Whisky A-Go-Go club in L. A. in October 1989 & Blast! featured their interview in several issues over the next few months.

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(A note on some of the above photos): The shots at the top of the post & the centerfold above show a Vince that looked like he got a ‘cheek-bone job,’ perhaps trying to compete with the then very famous & pretty Sebastian Bach of Skid Row (see a pic of the two together in the previous post). I will be posting a reader’s ‘mailbag’ in the near future where a fan asks Vince if he got plastic surgery! More 1989-1990 Blast! Magazine content to come with Tommy & Mick getting their turns.

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