Decade Of Decadence Part One–Metal Edge, January 1992



Decade Of Decadence was released in October of 1991 after the band played shows in Europe. A bunch of video from this tour has been popping up on YouTube. The band did a show at the Marquee club in London in August & billed themselves as ‘The Fourskins'. Here’s audio of the very first performance of one of the new Decade tunes, ‘Primal Scream.’

Metal Edge’s Gerri Miller contacted Nikki & Vince in the summer of 1991 while they were still working on tracks for the new album. They give details on the then as of yet unreleased Decade & plans for the next Crue record . . .





I still have this magazine intact so I’m posting all of the Crue-related material from the issue including a centerfold, an ad for the new record & random Crue content.




Here’s part one (two, actually. Part one seems to have been removed) of a Motley fan’s collection of DOD-era Motley media with footage from the boys at Donington for the Monsters of Rock fest. More Decade of Decadence down the long & winding road at the SPFiles . . .

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