The Best of Motley Crue Vol. 2–December 1991-Part 2


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[Part I can be found HERE]

The latter part of this classic magazine is padded out with features such as memorable quotes from the band & by other musicians & personalities about our beloved Crue.

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I wanted to post as many ad pages as possible because they were such a big part of the lure of a magazine for so many kids. Only through these rags could we get some of the rarer metal content out there.

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A kid who read his magazines & paid close attention could really build up quite knowledge of the Motley gang. For me, articles & interviews & biographical material was the most interesting part & by the age of 10 to 11 I was a walking Motley encyclopedia!

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There’s a lot of recycled material in these publications & I already had several of these images & articles when they were originally published in magazines like Metal Edge, like the following interviews with Vinnie & the Readers’ Mailbag.

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Crue Concert Craziness was purloined from another publication as well but we welcome the opportunity to view vintage Motley shots Live & Kickin’!!

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Best Of 2-062

This tribute was published roughly around the time Decade of Decadence was released in late 1991. 10 years of terror!!

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