Nikki Sixx Part Sixx: Fashionista



Mr. Motley Crue was born with Rock Star genes & sure did cut a figure back in the ‘80s. By 1986-1987 the street punk had accumulated some wealth & began enjoying the finer things in life & photo sessions from those days reveal a more mature & stylish gent.


As early as Shout At the Devil Nikki showed a flair for fashion when he wasn’t studded up in his Road Warrior gear:


You could say that Nikki was almost a bit too pretty, maybe looked a little too perfect a Rock Star & this coloured many people’s appraisals of the man as a musician.

img448Picture 050

MC808Picture 023 - Copy

Add to the attributes of beauty & talent a predilection for heroin use & general rowdiness &, Ladies & Gentlemen, you have the makings of a Rock God (or, a fashion model: it’s a little hard to tell the difference with some of these glamour shots!).


Picture 020 - Copy

Picture 007

Picture 019 - Copy

We’ll leave you with some Sleaze Patrol TV of Nikki & Mick from 1991 when they made it up to Canada to promote Decade Of Decadence. Motley had recently turned 10 years old & the world was their oyster (or so they thought) . . .

Nikki & Mick in Canada, Late 1991–Part 1
Nikki & Mick in Canada, Late 1991-Part 2


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