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Without the internet or the ability to Google any piece of information desired, 1980s Motley Crue fans had to ‘make due’ with the printed page to learn all about our Rock N Roll heroes. 


Motley Crue was a band who’s illustrious history made them a trivia hound’s dream. Their biography involves a rich cast of characters & enough drama & tragedy for five bands. Add to this the fact that the group is comprised of four distinct personalities, all with their own histories & dramas, & you have a veritable cottage industry or Motley community.

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Any Crue fan worth their salt knew that Mick Mars’ real name was Bob Deal, Tom Werman produced Shout At the Devil, the Nasty Habits were Emi Canyn & Donna McDaniel & Tommy was born in Greece.


There are roughly 120 questions presented here throughout the 5-6 quizzes. Of course many of the same questions are asked but give it a try, see if you know your Crue shit. This last one from the early ‘90s warns casual fans to beware: only true Crueheads need take this baby, it’s a hard one.

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The strange story of Motley Crue’s decade of decadence to continue at the Sleaze Patrol Files . . .

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