MTV News Report, Motley Crue At The Roxy, November 1981


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roxy 1981 4

Back in February 2011 there surfaced an extremely rare video, a minute and a half MTV News clip of Motley Crue performing ‘Too Fast For Love’ & an interview with mostly Nikki Sixx at the Roxy Theatre on November 12, 1981. This high quality pro-shot footage was part of a lot of other rare Crue collectibles that were being auctioned off on Ebay:

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‘MÖTLEY CRÜE: 1981 'Too Fast For Love' Pro-Shot Tour Footage Surfaces - Feb. 14, 2011

30-year-old footage of MÖTLEY CRÜE performing live at the Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood, California has surfaced to promote a series of hard rock/heavy metal-themed auctions from eBay seller EliteWorks.

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The MÖTLEY CRÜE segment, which also includes a brief interview with a 22-year-old Nikki Sixx, was shot on November 12, 1981, just prior to the independent release of MÖTLEY's debut album, "Too Fast For Love".
Several one-of-a-kind MÖTLEY CRÜE collectables are featured in the auctions, including a June 1981 promotional Umatic master videotape of the band's first two music videos ("Take Me To The Top" and "Public Enemy#1"), a test pressing 12-inch single from "Theatre Of Pain", a 24-year old stage used items from the "Girls, Girls, Girls" tour as well as guitar picks, early press kits, import singles, t-shirts and much more.’

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As soon as I saw this baby I immediately downloaded it & it has since been removed from YouTube.

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This video is a treat to see because there is so little live & candid footage of the band in these years & the high quality of the video is a bonus.

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(Readers of Motley’s biography THE DIRT will likely remember the book’s infamous introduction with a Tommy Lee reminiscence of a former girlfriend nicknamed ‘Bullwinkle’. Online rumor has it the lady above in the vintage Crue shirt is ‘Bullwinkle’ herself.)

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So here it is with a little bit edited out (complete video will be posted down the road). This shit is the coolest. And because we aim to please at the Sleaze Patrol Files, below is the complete text from the Roxy Theatre clip.

‘Look out Van Halen, here comes Motley Crue!
The band recently showcased their act at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles & the crowd loved them.
MTV Music TV was at the scene to talk to the Glitter group.

Nikki Sixx: We're not teeny-bopper by no means, on stage. I mean, just, the pretty look or whatever you want to call it, it just happened, it wasn't really planned. Sometimes it may be a little bit against us, but, the music kinda speaks for itself.

Motley Crue predicts that they're Rock n Roll's new fashion trend-setters.

Tommy & Vince: It's already happening/starting . . .
Nikki: In LA it's happening.
Tommy: There's people walking around everywhere with the same haircuts, the same look.
Nikki: You'll see that at our show tonight, take a look.
Tommy: They all show up at the shows with the hair & the . . .
Nikki: Anything different is gonna catch on, right? A few people cut off their hair like the Sex Pistols & rebelled against that & look it, it caught on.

From LA with Motley Crue, this is Tony Kilbert for MTV Music Television’

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  1. That is awesome...wish we could see all of it. Maybe someday?

  2. It's easily available in full form on Youtube these days . . .