Tommy Lee Part 2-The Girls, Girls, Girls Drum Solo Mystery



I wrote about Tommy’s famous Girls, Girls, Girls drum solo HERE & soon after found out a couple things that cast a lot of doubt on Tommy’s claim that he got the idea from a dream. First, check out this video of the solo from Des Moines, Iowa in 1987. Tommy goes through his regular spiel.

Tommy Lee Girls Girls Girls Drum Solo, Des Moines, Iowa, 1987

Here & elsewhere, Tommy insists that he dreamt up the idea to rotate in his drum set in front of an audience, & he very well may have had that dream, but it looks like Buddy Rich had the same dream & beat him to the execution!!

Buddy Rich floating drum

What?!! That is some funky classic video. The band looks pretty damned amazed! Or amused!


Tommy has seen the above video & has responded that he did not know of its existence & as far as he knew he was was the first to do this stunt . . . & I would say that this is not an impossible thing for two drummers to think of & execute . . . they’re a nutty breed to be sure. So I would normally leave it at that if this were the end of the mystery. But it ain’t. Watch this:

World’s First Upside Down Drummer 1975 with Mick Mars

So yeah, 12 years before the above Tommy Lee video, Mick Mars (at this time he was still Bob Deal-he’s the red-headed guitarist to the right) was in a band in which a drummer went upside down as he played . . . ! Right. Did this never come up during the whole Girls, Girls, Girls tour?! And although that Buddy Rich vid is from the early ‘70s, pre-dating the above Whitehorse video, it is explained at the YouTube page that Mick’s former band mate Jack Valentine apparently did invent the contraption/conception & Buddy did the act on TV for him when he broke his leg & was unable to perform.


[EDIT] I have known about the following video for years, a 1984 home video of Mick Mars being interviewed & reminiscing about his days as Robert Deal with old band mate Jack Valentine. In the two following parts Mick talks about Motley’s upcoming tour of Europe & fields a lot of questions from Jack about memories of the old days, very personal & candid stuff. The drum trick is mentioned several times in the second part & there are even pictures. Also, we should remember, Jack & Mick (or Bob) were in a band that was once called Motley Croo or some such spelling . . . so how much exactly did Motley get from Mick’s old band? You’ll notice that Mick seems to get uncomfortable when Jack reminds him of the old Motley Croo name . . . obviously there was no discussion of usage between them at that time. Mick himself is said to have acquired his name from another L. A. performer known as Mickey Mars. Jack mentions several times how completely different Mick looks as compared to his Bob Deal days & how his trademark faces are the one dead give-away. They call it the ‘Mars Face.’

Mick Mars Interview 1984 Home Video by Jack Valentine
Mick Mars Interview 1984 Home Video by Jack Valentine

Probably, Mick brought the drum idea to the band or told Tommy about it several times & then Motley paid his old band mate for the idea & to shut up & let-on that it was Tommy’s invention . . . or . . . Tommy dreamt it, brought it to the band, Mick mentioned he was in a band where a guy did it & etc. However it came to be it was a huge asset to the Motley’s show & Tommy’s rep as a wild man.


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