Decade of Decadence Part 2, 1991

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Motley were as surprised as anyone that they lasted 10 years as a band (now over 30 years!) so the release of Decade of Decadence (album & home video) was a kind of ending & beginning point for the group: goodbye 1980s & hello 1990s with a sense of more mature & poignant music to be made in that more serious decade. 

Scheduled for a June 1991 release (it didn’t come out until September), Nikki & Tommy discuss their  lives, wives, newborns, new homes & the new album in this early 1991 interview:

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Before the release of  the compilation the band hit the UK & Europe for  the Monsters of Rock fest. Much of this short August-September tour was bootlegged & stuff has been popping up on YouTube. Check out this rare footage from Budapest. Here they are playing 'Red Hot':

Below is an interview with Nikki several weeks after returning from the European tour. The videos for ‘Primal Scream’ & ‘Anarchy In the UK’ are discussed as is the new musical direction for the projected new album.
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Hit Parader marked the Crue’s 10 year anniversary with this little stroll through the previous decade. Author Anne Leighton’s piece, ‘Ten Years After’ is so laden with mistakes & utter confusion & absolute fabrications that it begs a reading. HOW did this get by the Hit Parader editor?! She asserts that Nikki got his name from ‘Jailhouse Rock,’ moved to LA at 17 & joined a street gang, assigns lyrics to a Crue song that I think are from a Bon Jovi song & liner notes that do not exist! . . . & more. Check this pile of shit out: 

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We leave with some Decade of Decadence era video, clips from the early 1990s including a Vince interview in Europe at the Monsters of Rock festival.

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