Nikki Sixx Part 2-The Blast! Interviews, 1989

Blast! magazine had a series of interviews with all the Motley members as well as articles that were published from before the release of Dr. Feelgood (in September 1989) through into late 1989. There was a while there that Blast! was a Motley goldmine with each issue containing pages of interviews & lotsa nice color pin-ups & centerfolds.
We’re going to start with a Nikki Sixx interview from early 1989, apparently just before he headed to Canada to record with Bob Rock. I may be missing a couple articles but the essence of the conversation is there. These are pretty relaxed & candid interviews & especially in this first one (actually a Part II of a longer article) we hear Nikki speak of the early stages of the Dr. Feelgood record, the artwork that didn’t come to fruition & why the Crue stopped working with producer Tom Werman.
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Nikki seemed to have every intention to release his book of poetry, An Education In Rebellion, if the sheer amount of times he mentioned it in the press is any indication. Sylvie Simmons asks/states: ‘Nikki Turns Poet?' Besides discussing publication issues about the poetry book (that is to this day still unreleased), he mentions that he has kept a journal & tells a funny therapy anecdote.

More Nikki in BLAST! to come

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