Dr. Feelgood Era Part 2: The Crue Circus Hits the Road, 1989 + SPF TV


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Circus Magazine kept on top of all things Motley in late 1989 as Dr. Feelgood was released and the stripped-down European performances began in October. Our lead-off article, prosaically-titled ‘A cleaned up Crue rock the road, but is it the same old situation?,’ (by Anne Raso) has Vince & Nikki commenting on the nature of fame & how difficult it is too keep a close relationship with the fans. Motley fans will need no introduction to the character of Matthew Trippe [I can’t remember if he was mentioned in The Dirt] but newbies might want to read the article & maybe refer to more info HERE [third paragraph in from the top]. Vince also tells an amazing story about an impersonator in Las Vegas. Nikki ends the article complaining about the L. A. music scene in the late 1980s after the major bands found success & a copycat culture sprang up.

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The first thing I noticed about (another) Anne Raso article, ‘Dr. Feelgood pumps new life into Motley Crue,’ are the mistakes. She states that the Crue would be celebrating their 5th anniversary as a band in 1989. Nope, that’d actually be #8. Then she says that the Crue completed their Girls, Girls, Girls tour in October of 1988 when it was almost a year before in December of 1987. Vince is the only Crue man present & he gives a brief re-cap of the band’s gigs leading up to the Dr. tour, including their infamous set at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go in Hollywood [featured in the ‘Kickstart My Heart’ video].

Motley perform KICKSTART MY HEART at the Whiskey A-Go-Go 1989

The next article by Tony Goldstein announces the Crue’s first #1 Billboard album & is a generic Nikki/Tommy interview about the clean lifestyle & the nature of the tunes on the new record.

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Every once in a while you’d get a journalist who could actually write & Dan Hedges’ review of Motley’s December 1st, 1989 performance in Detroit is the one example of real writing in this whole post. His review is fair & he ends it with a summation of Motley’s career to this point & where it may all lead. Click on it to enlarge & read.

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We’ll leave with some Sleaze Patrol Files TV. Here’s part one of Crue media stuff I taped from Canadian TV from 1989-1992ish. Stay tuned for more Files celebrating the Crue’s 30th Anniversary in 2011.

Crue Canadian Media 1989-1990 part one

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