Nikki Sixx Part 4 – Feelin’ Good, 1989



Nikki Sixx in 1989 was a new man. We’ve been through all of the following already in this blog – sobriety, creativity, a new-found lease on life, a poetry book that never gets published . . . & here’s more!

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This early to mid-1989 Metal Edge interview catches Nikki on a break from recording Dr. Feelgood. Sixx boldly predicts the album will sell 6-7 million & recites lyrics for ‘Same Old Situation’ that did not make the final cut.


Here is a two part Nikki interview from, I think, Metallix Magazine from what seems to be the same break period as the article above (Jodi Summers & Andrew Ingkavet split authorship). The first part has all the standard questions and answers with Nikki raving maniacally about the record while the second interview asks candid questions about Nikki’s personal life.

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Nikki talks to (I think) Metal Edge again soon after Dr. is released. A pretty by-the-numbers interview. The Moscow incident is broached as well as Motley’s plans for the new tour & album.

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Here’s some late 1989 Nikki interviews courtesy of Faces Magazine. The first Faces interview (both by Greg Fasolino) is more crowing about the new record & the second deals with tour details.

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Nikki was held in a higher regard as a songwriter with the release of Dr. Feelgood & was a featured, cover story artist in the magazine Song Hits.

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