Revolutionary Comics: Motley Crue Vol. 1 #4, October 1989



More retrospective-type content in the media for the event that Dr. Feelgood almost seemed to be: Revolutionary Comics, an unauthorized & independent company, took on the comedy & tragedy of the Motley’s biography. Crue were the fourth band to be featured (with G n’ R, Metallica & Bon Jovi the precursors) & with a second bio being published only 6 months later (& to be featured at the SPFiles down the road . . . ) . Todd Loren was the President of this controversial company who would be served lawsuits from several of the featured bands. Check the bottom of the post for links to more info on Revolutionary Comics & Todd Loren including a trailer from a recent bio film.

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There is so much wrong with this comic. The script reads like a note-form list of details, there are all kinds of anachronisms, we see a 1984-era Crue talking to tour headliner Ozzy Osbourne . . . & his 1988 era guitarist Zakk Wylde. Vince Neil’s fatal car crash that killed Hanoi Rocks drummer Nicolas ‘Razzle‘ Dingly happens after Theatre Of Pain is released when it actually happened before. The whole thing ends with a mention of the cancelled 1987 European tour & Nikki talking about Dr. Feelgood & the Crue returning to form. Pretty classic stuff.


President Todd Loren’s humour comes out in the piece ‘Snotley Crue’ which is inked by Lyndal Ferguson (who did the cover graphic). This is kinda funny & I like Ferguson’s style enough to get my vote for the best piece in the whole publication.


A sixteen-year-old Dean Hsieh wrote to Todd Loren to tell him how disappointed he was in the quality of the comic’s first issue & offered his ‘Addiction’ for publication. Here it is (above). Not bad for a 16 yr old.


There is more content in this issue but I figured because it wasn’t Motley-related I’d leave it out of this post but if I change my mind anytime I will just edit the post & add the images.


What present-day Crue fans will see is that all the things that made The Dirt such a success - the sex, drugs & violence - was already a big part of the Motley reputation for almost 15 years prior. Too much trash & not enough substance has killed the Motley machine in recent years. They’re actually quite successful a touring act now but the days of making a meaningful new recording are probably long gone.

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