Motley Magazine Miscellany #1



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After you’d shred up your 1980s magazines, taking out the Crue stuff & maybe trading or giving away articles & pics of other bands to buddies, you’d have all this ‘leftover’ stuff. You might have a mention of Crue in a news section or a Crue pic in the magazine title page/table of contents like above. Some of this stuff was cut out & became scrapbook fodder but I kept a bunch of other pages that contained Crue content & they really show the band in the context of the magazine & hard rock scene of the ‘80s-early ’90s.

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Some more vintage magazine table of contents or title pages or publication page or what-have-yous. That’s a pic of Nikki with Jon Bon Jovi in a chokehold, above, & at the top right a cool little pic of Nikki throwing a towel into the audience during a Girls, Girls, Girls performance in 1987. These are all from 1986-1992.


. . . a few news items about Motley’s onstage guests during the Dr. Feelgood tour & a visit to a Planet Hollywood . . .


. . . the social & recreational Crue . . .



. . . Metal Edge’s Gerri Miller asked rockers ‘What was the strangest gift you’ve ever received?’ & you have to check out the second image to read Nikki’s one word, hilarious answer . . .


. . . Here are two incomplete articles from Blast! Magazine devoted to fan letters about censorship be it from their parents or the PMRC. Nikki is mentioned in one of the letters & check out the Motley logo X’d out in the border graphics. The Crue were obviously prime targets for censorship in the 1980s . . .


. . . at the center bottom of this TV schedule you’ll see a Motley Much Music ‘Spotlight’ advertised for 11pm in October of 1991 . . .


. . . Vince reminisces about school, Motley are discussed in ‘Hard Rock Heroes’ (with Shout era photo of Vince & Nikki) & a couple DOD era photos with mention of the work on the 6th studio album that never saw the light of day . . .


. . . ‘Looks That Kill’ is voted third best song in some magazine’s poll & Shout At the Devil is voted 25th in a Circus poll of most important or best Hard Rock/Metal albums . . . 


More Motley Magazine Miscellany to come at the Sleaze Patrol Files . . .

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