Motley Scrapbook #2, Part 1


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I got into Crue at a very young age. I must’ve been only 8-9 years old when I heard Shout At the Devil. I lived in neighbourhoods where you learned about the birds & the bees & such things at a tender age & Motley were the perfect soundtrack to my youth.

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As soon as I could I tried getting my dirty little hands on Crue stuff. Sometimes it would just be a scrap of a pin-up with Nikki’s face, sometimes your older cousin would give you his huge Shout era door poster because he was moving on to more ‘mature’ music. I wanted it all. Early on I’d plaster my walls with whatever band I was kinda into but as my Crue collection got bigger there simply was no room for any others.

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The scrapbooks were a way to put all those little bits of Crue stuff in order. Some of this is simply taken out of the second copy of a Crue tribute mag to beef up the content but the really great items are the random clippings from all kinds of magazines. The above Heather Locklear pic (with Tommy mention) woulda came from a copy of the National Enquirer (probably) that my mother had lying around . . . or I purloined it from a dentist’s waiting room copy, that kind of thing. The 1980s scrapbook really shows that Rock print culture was alive & well in those days. It’s still present for the teeny-bopper crowd, but certainly the days when the Motleys graced the pages of so many magazines is long gone.

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There’s another Tommy-Heather clipping above that looks like it came from an entertainment magazine. Tommy’s marriage to Heather meant that us Crue fans would get some Crue content in popular magazines.

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Above is an ad for the old Motley S. I. N. club (Safety In Numbers). I would look at that big Allister door poster & the shirt & tour book & drool wishing I had an allowance! To the right is an early media mention of the infamous Izzy Stradlin harassment of Vince’s then wife Sharise. This was even before Vince punched Izzy at the MTV Awards. Looking back I have to say Vince handled this the right way. Can you imagine some guy doing this to your wife or girlfriend?! That Vince didn’t murder him is surprising & Axl Rose’s meathead response is laughable, what a fucking dickhead. IMO, Vince woulda kicked Axl’s ass if they had ever actually scuffled. Check out Paul Miles’ Chronological Crue page for the year 1989 to learn more about this classic ‘80s battle (HERE) (starting with the August 13th & then the September 5th entries). And look below for a brief news item about the altercation & a mention of the latter’s bathroom proclivities.

Scrapbook 2-021 Scrapbook 2-022

More to come of my second Motley scrapbook at the Sleaze Patrol Files. Check out my first Motley scrapbook HERE.

***Apologies for the somewhat intrusive watermarks on the images. I’m finding my collection popping up on a lot of folks’ pages on the internet & although I of course do not own the copyrights of the actual photos I DO own my copy of them & it’s annoying to see my pics (with my old tape & nicks & rips present) used & uncredited on so many people’s pages (cropping doesn’t hide them either, I know my collection like the back of my hand). So go ahead & use my photos but maybe offer a link to my blog or something you fucking vultures :)

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