Tommy Lee Talks to Blast! in 1989 & Sleaze Patrol TV



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Judy Wieder from Blast! Magazine gets her turn with Tommy in Vancouver. In ‘Hats Off To Heather!’ Tommy talks about his sober relationship with Heather Locklear & his wariness in having children while he’s still rockin’ at 26 years of age.


Guns, Guns, Guns. The Crue gang got into shooting guns back in these sober days. You get to see Mick shoot & even make his own bullets on the old home video ‘Decade of Decadence’ (not for sale anymore but probably on YouTube). Tommy talks about writing in the home studio he made in his house (he dry walled it himself!) & then reveals that he got a ‘sleeve’ of tattoos & hasn’t told his wife yet.


Wieder seems to be recycling the older interview when she supposedly catches up with Tommy as the Motleys hit the road in late 1989. Guns, Heather & then a sudden deflection off the topic of children to the Aerosmith gents help fill out more bland Blast! content. The Blast! editor didn’t seem to do much editing so you get chatty, intimate although kinda boring writing. Blast! was more about the photos & pin-ups.



Tommy visited the Much Music folks in September of 1989 to promote the new album. I was on top of the VCR that week & recorded several interviews including this live one with VJ Steve Anthony on the Much Music set. Tommy later sat down with Laurie Brown for an interview that was used for both the Power Hour & the TV show ‘The New Music.’ Enjoy some Sleaze Patrol TV . . .

Tommy Lee on Power Hour 1989

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