Motley Scrapbook #1


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I began collecting Motley stuff probably around 1985. I had been a fan already for a year or more but could never get my kid hands on Crue posters. I stole a Circus mag from a local convenience store that had Shout At the Devil-era pictures (my favourite) but then someone stole it from me. An older cousin finally gave me some of his old Crue posters & I began getting magazines & would trade stuff of other bands to friends for their Crue stuff. With some I would trade Metallica posters, or pin-ups, with another, Crue for Poison or Skid row & so on. I became so notorious for my love of Motley Crue in school that people would collect Crue pics or articles or media clipping for me & would bring them to me at school. I never amassed a major collection but what I have is very me-specific & holds a lot of memories from my youth.
I started my first Crue scrapbook in the late ‘80s. I tried to date some of the pics & I see now I was often off but you get the idea.
There are carnival stickers, an ad for a show in Toronto, some great rare Too Fast For Love era pics, a Circus Magazine Poll Winners page with all of Crue’s wins, chip bag stickers, Crue chart standings from my local newspaper, an ad from a Hustler mag, a cool news clipping about Vince & Tommy saving the day at a crime scene & lotsa other little tidbits.
This is the kind of stuff that you just don’t get anymore.

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  1. This is awesome and like u I am a HUGE Crue fan. I would live and breathe for them. I would give about anything to have the clippings u have. BEAUTIFUL