Early Dr. Feelgood Era Part 4 – Mid 1989



The straight-jacket photo session was done during the Dr. Feelgood recording sessions I think, probably wary that they needed some kind of new image to sell the new record to the fans.

The following Tommy interviews are from before the band made it to the Moscow Music Peace Festival in August. The Jodi Summers article has Tommy at home on the phone with interruptions from his then wife Heather Locklear. The subject of his sobriety comes up & he admits that he could fall off the wagon at any moment. The second is an interview with Metalshop’s Mike Greenblatt & is a curse-laden recap of Tommy & the band’s new lifestyle.

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A Crue fan has uploaded 8 parts of Dr. Feelgood era video on YouTube from MTV & other TV appearances & they are very interesting to see. Everything from bad TV commercials for the Motley Hotline to the making of videos & charity events, hosting MTV shows & etc. I’ll embed the first part below & probably the rest throughout other Dr. Feelgood posts. Moscow Music Peace Festival memories & Vince VS. Axl stuff coming up on the SP Files . . .

Dr. Feelgood ERA Part 1

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