Early Dr. Feelgood Era Part 3 – Mid to Late 1989



There were so many songs being demoed for Dr. Feelgood that Nikki told Hit Parader journalist Andy Secher that they might release TWO albums in ‘89, the second being a collection of ballads. Thankfully, they didn’t follow through with it. For me, ‘Time For Change’ was one too many already on Dr. Feelgood. There were no new photos yet so Girls shots from a couple years earlier are used.

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Here’s a couple articles from Hit Parader & Circus magazine(s). Tommy’s still in Vancouver & sharing some of the experiences the band had up there with Aerosmith & their new ‘clean’ lifestyle, excited to share the new tunes & mentioning recording the Tommy Bolin song ‘Teaser’ for the ‘Make A Difference Foundation’ record, which I think is one of the better latter-day Motley records . . . so here it is below the article . . .

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Vicki Arkoff begins her Circus article with Nikki’s assessment of Speed Metal. He was always saying shit about bands. I liked it, even when I didn’t agree with him. Aerosmith get another shout-out from the Motley camp. Must’ve been something for those guys to be making a record in the same studio, at the same time as their heroes. We get a run-down of the tunes that are all on the final product except for one called ‘Stop Pulling My Chain’ . . . which is not on YouTube. Also, we hear mentioned of a tome which has never been published but is still periodically mentioned . . . Nikki’s book of poetry, An Education In Rebellion. A book has been published about Nikki with that title in the last 5 years or so. It’s an unauthorized biography that is apparently a very poor rehash of the official Motley books.

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Nikki quotes the revised lyrics for Dr. Feelgood. These are some of the best from a record where the quality of lyric took a noticeable dive. The early demo for the song with the original lyrics is OK, the song is there, but it doesn’t yet have the greatness of the album version. All of Motley’s demos are interesting in that they are often missing some of that greatness that the producer’s must shake out of them by album time. Here’s the early demo for the title tune.

Early Demo of Dr. Feelgood by Motley Crue with original lyrics

A few random things: a teeny-bopper article raves about the new Crue record, a Vinnie pin-up from a live Girls concert with Dr. info & a metal news item page has a few lines about his nose surgery during the recording for the record. It’s not all coke & car crashes people!

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