Girls, Girls, Girls . . . Part 2

The album was released in May 1987 & by December the band had fallen off the rails in Japan, cancelling a scheduled European tour. Especially with the publications of the autobios The Dirt & Nikki Sixx’s Heroin Diaries, this era has become heavily mythologized & romanticized. Fans of the day did not start to hear tricklings of the band’s excesses until late ‘87 & 1988, but the beginning of the year had the Crue talking excitedly about the new album & tour. Below, Vince tells Hit Parader writer Judy Wieder about an anti-drunk driving ad he did & his feelings on the new record. Set time machines back to 1987.

Here’s some odds & ends from magazines, incomplete interviews & articles from the period before Girls came out.
First is a Circus fragment talking about the Crue in 1986 (mentioning the new record), part of what looks like a centerfold of the Girls stage & a Rock Beat article discussing the Crue up to this point in 1987.

Goodbye to Girls, Girls, Girls Part 2 with this incomplete interview with Mr. Sixx just before the band headed to Japan in 1987 where the whole operation fell apart. Part three, you’ll see!


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