Rip Presents Motley Crue, 1989 – Part 3


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I bought this magazine from a fellow Crue fan back in 1989-90. I think I paid 10-15 bucks for it but I didn’t feel ripped off. The Crue fan died in a car accident less than 10 years later in almost wild Motley fashion.
So there’s some Motley Trivia for ya above with the answers below. Darn, some of those questions are hard!
I used to see ads in the mags for the Motley Crue S. I. N. Fan Club. At the time I had no money or sense to join & it almost seemed beyond the reach of a kid way up North. The article below is a little history of the club & says that it may have been starting up again. I drooled over all that vintage Motley swag.
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‘Motley Memories’ is a collage of old Crue clippings from their halcyon days on the Sunset Strip. A revelation to me at the time was the Coffman & Coffman Productions Motley Crue press release with all the old bio info . . . of particular interest was that Mick said he was from Newfoundland, Canada! I had not read much pre-Girls, Girls, Girls stuff so I gobbled this up.
A discography with a tentative Dr. Feelgood track-list closes out the written portion of this Rip tribute to the Crue. There’s a couple more vintage shots & then the back cover of the mag, an ad for a Tora Tora record. Enjoy!

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