Sleaze Patrol TV: Much Music ‘Decade Of Decadence’ Special, 1991

I recorded as much Crue video as I could with only Much Music, Musique Plus, basic cable &, once in a while, a friend’s satellite MTV. They was slim pickins but what I do have I’m going to try uploading to YouTube. Apparently I’m having international viewing problems with my first upload: Much Music’s 40 minute Decade Of Decadence special from 1991.

The Much Music special aired during the channel’s hard rock & heavy metal weekly program ‘The Pepsi Power Hour’ & gathered together most of whatever they & M Plus had for Motley footage in celebration of the Crue’s 10 year anniversary. The Shout era interview has become almost notorious on YouTube in the last 5 years . . . an early glimpse of Nikki Sixx spinning the sleaze philosophy (on what I think may have been from a Canadian music television show called ‘The New Music’). There’s stuff from the Motley boys passing through Canada on their Theatre, Girls & Dr. Feelgood tours (with some cool video from a Dr. Feelgood era show) & of course the obligatory music videos.

Much Music
used to be the kind of channel where you were likely to hear everything from pop music to thrash, to adult contemporary, to everything under the sun. It was my radio. It has become a teeny-bopper channel with young, ‘hip’ hosts & there is less & less music video content . . . but of course music videos are not what they used to be. Part of Motley Crue’s legend is steeped in the video age they came out of. Those early vids from the the first 3 albums especially were essential to their fame.

You may get the impression that the interviewers at Much & et al. were not the biggest Crue fans & maybe even are humouring the boys in these interviews. They do seem to like the Crue as well tho’. One thing I’ve noticed about these so-called wild men of Rock: they’re pretty nice guys. Crue always seem real forthcoming & polite in all their interviews, rarely are they pissed, even when they’re asked the same stupid questions over & over.
Only Mr. Mars is not represented in an interview segment. Mick came around the Much studios soon after for a Decade Of Decadence (the official album & video releases) publicity junket with Nikki. I have various clips from that interview & I’ll leave this post with the last part of the Much Music special & the Nikki & Mick clip.
More sleaze files on the way . . .


Some of these videos were blocked because I kept in too much music & they claimed copyright so I edited the whole thing down to just the talking & interviews.

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