Rip Presents Motley Crue, 1989 – Part 1


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This is a real nice Motley tribute mag published just before the release of Dr. Feelgood in 1989. Rip was a Metal mag from the mid ‘80s to the early ‘90s that featured a wide variety of Hard Rock & Metal acts. They had great articles (as compared to say the writing of a Metal Edge or Blast) & quality photo reproductions. This tribute collector’s edition seems to have been a labour of love with articles on the Crue by Adrianne Stone & Steffan Chirazi & an introduction by Editor-In-Chief Lonn M. Friend.

The Adrianne Stone history of the band, ‘A Hair-Raising History Of Motley Crue,’ is a well-detailed account of the band’s first 8 years, focusing on 1981-84, & was probably the best writing on the band I had read up to that point. The photos in the article from the ‘Too Fast’ period were some of the earliest I had seen by 1989. This was of course before the days when you could just Google ‘rare early Motley Crue photos and articles.’ THIS kind of Rock culture is still not well represented on the Internet, much of it still only available in print.
Having seen the Crue as talking heads in so many docs over the last 20 years, telling the same old stories the same old ways over & over, this article comes as a pleasure. It’s crazy to think that even by 1989 journalists were talking about the band as if they had always been legends.

Parts II & III


  1. Bought this pc of history when I was a young crue head. It's sealed and stored away. Excelent cond.

  2. Nice! I was too young & the pics were too cool, I had to cut it up & poster my walls! I kept it all together though. I forgot to post the huge 'blood session' poster that came with it, I'll have to remember to find it & post it

    1. Totally understand! I as well covered my bedroom walls with any Crue poster I could get my hands on. I kept all of them also. Il look for that "blood session" poster I cant recall it but if its n that mag I def have it sealed with the mag. If im correct this mag was considered the blue book and the other two were referred as the red book and black book. Does that sound right do ya remember? Thanks for such a badass website its the only of its kind with killer pics and history. Crueheads!

    2. I don't remember anything about Blue, Black or Red books but I do have another RIP Motley Tribute mag from around a year later & it has a black cover I think. It's nothing but pictures of the band. I bought two copies of it so I could keep one untouched & use the other for wallpaper. So there must be another RIP Motley tribute mag with a red cover?

  3. i cant seem to get the last page large enough to read . the others are fine when you open in a new tab but the last doesnt open in a new page for some reason? cool site youve got here. been a fan of the band since early 83