Girls, Girls, Girls Part 7

 Let’s drop ourselves into the year 1987: in a way, the band’s most infamous year, the year of heroin overdoses & tour derailments, all detailed in the 21st century Motley tomes THE DIRT & Nikki’s THE HEROIN DIARIES.

We’re going to look at two separate Motley articles/interviews from Circus Magazine in the years 1987-1988.

 ‘Motley Crue ‘87: Huge triumphs, small disappointments’ sums up the year as the band’s most successful & doesn’t seem to be privy to some of the late developments. The unfortunate Rolling Stone Magazine cover story is mentioned as is Nikki’s book of short stories. This is a very early reference to a book that wouldn’t get published until 20 years later under the title, ‘The Heroin Diaries.’

One of the great things about these classic old articles & interviews is we get to hear candid details about the Crue’s lives during their most successful years. The above Circus Magazine interview with Vince is chock full of information & anecdotes about the Motley’s world in early 1988. Adrianne Stone speaks to Vince after his first visit to Hawaii. Motley had just cancelled their European tour in late 1987 & the article addresses all the speculation about the affair. Vince deflects the drug allegations & insists exhaustion & the economy kept the Crue home in the States. He discusses rehearsals for the next record & blasts MTV for banning several of the videos from the Girls, Girls, Girls album promising that the band would never cooperate with the network again (that turned out not to be true). Vince then regales the interviewer with a tale of speeding in one of his new vehicles, revealing he had just purchased a Lamborghini & a Porsche because he couldn’t make up his mind which one he wanted! The interview ends with a mention of Guns N’ Roses’ success & their friendship with Vince & the gang & Vince’s nuptials to Sharise Ruddell.

We’ll leave you with some truly classic video of the Crue in the Girls era. Here’s the first part of several videos of the boys from a variety of media from when the boys were the baddest cats in the land:

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