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Welcome to The Sleaze Patrol Files, a collection of Motley Crue memorabilia from the 1980s to the early 1990s, their Decade of Decadence. This blog is also, in part, a tribute to the print culture of the times, established & fly-by-night Rock & Metal publications of the years immediately before the Internet would drastically change how entertainment is consumed & packaged.

This blog is mostly a tribute to the best years of one of the great American Hard Rock bands & for the many new Crue fans around the globe who weren't around in those days to experience the Crue in their first & best incarnation . . . how they were reviled & adored by the media, how they rose to the top of the Hard Rock heap throughout the 1980s & were the archetype that so many lesser bands copied. My main Crue ‘collecting’ days ended when Vince Neil left the band in the early 1990s & that is the scope of this blog. But, as the Crue are still somehow together & are even touring & always in the news, I will be commenting on the present Motley universe at times as well.

This is not so much a collection & I was not & am not a collector as it has become today with fans spending thousands of dollars at a time to get band memorabilia . . . this was a big fan of Motley’s music who lived in an area where not a lot of Motley stuff was going to find its way . . . but the band was so popular & present in those days that there was still much to be had for someone who was looking for it. My youth & lack of money meant I had to make due with mostly magazines & posters & T-shirts & certainly vintage magazine content is the meat of this blog . . . & the most interesting aspect to me. The music industry has changed in many surprising ways since the Crue ruled the 1980s & there are elements of the media of those days that almost seem to have more in common with the world of the 1950s-60s than it does with our present time. Ephemera such as rock mirrors from carnivals, pins or stickers from bags of chips are almost artifacts compared to the present-day move from hard copy culture towards the digital age.
But more importantly . . . this stuff is here to enjoy, for the Crue fans old & new, the real shit from the dirty ‘80s & early 1990s. These pinups & posters were hung up in school lockers, bedrooms & garages (I got stuff from everywhere) & are older than many of the Crue’s new fans! And some of this stuff is pretty beat up: 

Motley Crue have many faults as people and as a band, or at least that’s what they’ve been telling us for the past 30 years, & I will say unflattering things about them when it’s appropriate & when it is tied into my reminiscences of the band & what it was like to be a Cruehead in the 1980s. The Crue don’t need tasteless drones saying ‘Motley Crue Rules!!’ all the time & never telling shit like it is. The only way for the Crue to live on in people’s minds is if the crap is separated from the good. When it comes down to it the main reason anybody should even give a shit about this band is because of how great they were from 1981-1991. And they were great. They’re not Rolling Stones, Beatles or Led Zepplin great, but Motley is a classic, important & perfect-in-their-own way band much like T. Rex or the Misfits & should be more frequently discussed in those terms despite even their own selling-short of their brand & legacy. So this blog is a thank you & a fuck you to my Rock n’ Roll heroes.

Before the VH1 Behind The Music, their best-selling autobiography The Dirt, & their branding as THE most hedonistic Rock band in the land they were a true Rock n' Roll phenomenon. Much that has been said about the band in the last 20 years had been revealed & mythologized by a vital Hard Rock & Metal community of fans & critic-journalists of the day. So let’s go back to those days, twenty to thirty years ago now, when the Motleys tore through the landscape & established themselves as the Kings of Sleaze Rock n' Roll!!
***All articles & images are from my 1980s-‘90s teenage Motley Crue collection unless otherwise stated. Images are scanned or are my photographs & some video has been converted from my private VHS collection. ***
***If the articles still do not blow up to a size that makes the print easy to read, remember to use your computer’s own zoom options*** 

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