Motley Back Patches



Wearing your Crue colors in school & public was part & parcel of being a 1980s Cruehead. A jean jacket with a back patch & pins on the front was the style of choice for me & my friends. Musical taste was war in school.


Whoever it was traded me the below back patch of the Girls, Girls, Girls album cover obviously had a problem with Nikki! (click image to ENLARGE)


As the Crue’s fame increased & they became a household name they also became susceptible to the attention of bootleggers & the black market. Besides the traveling summer carnivals I remember getting Crue stuff from vendors who would set-up at the local mall for a week or so. This was good & bad: Crue shirts & pins & other swag were hard to come by & could be pricey & these knock-off items were often affordable. Unfortunately, they were sometimes of noticeable poor quality:


You were more likely to see guys decked out in full-on metal Crue gear back in the Shout At the Devil days as the group had a more militant & powerful image in the years 1983-1984. The below back patch has photos from the Crue’s 1984 European tour. We’ll leave you with some very rare footage of the band performing in Germany & Sweden on the Monsters of Rock tour in September 1984 with a brief interview with Tommy & Nikki. Crue T-Shirts & Flags coming up at the Sleaze Patrol files!!!


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