Motley Crue Are People Too

You could almost count on one hand the times Crue made the cover or at least graced the pages of more mainstream, respectable magazines back in their decade of decadence. Their infamous Rolling Stone cover seems to have happened solely as an opportunity for the folk at RS to lambast & ridicule the Crue & the late ‘80s supremacy of Metal & Hard Rock. This story in the January 1990 People Magazine picks up on the Crue’s then line of healthy living after the drugs & decadence of their 1980s career & catches them tearing the house down in Milwaukee in November of 1989 on the Dr. Feelgood tour.
Vince is charged for inciting a riot (that a $5000 donation quickly lays to rest) & the boys offer a lot of the same sentiments they’ve already spewed to the rock journalist community: we woulda died had we carried on like we were, we’re sober & normal & have normal relationships with our significant others, we’re still hardcore & Motley & etc. The best part of this article are the great candid backstage photos decorating the main text . . . & of course this doozey showing off the boys’ bounty of tattoos.
img471 img472
This was the Crue presented to the 9-5, housewife, dentist office, working man culture of adults. You can imagine a mother of three pausing between cooking supper & tidying the house to read that Mr. Sixx once shot himself up with whiskey when his heroin supply ran out. Context, people.

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