Motley Pin-Ups #1

Here's some ranom pin-ups from Motley's glory days. These were collected & plastered on my teenage walls as I moved from place to place & thirty years later I've somehow been able to keep most of them. You'll see that many of the images at the Sleaze Patrol Files have that 'vintage' look: I taped, tacked, puttied, stapled & pasted these pics to my various bedroom walls from about ages 9-16!

Motley had three members who were regarded as sex symbols (Sorry, Mick!) & so many of the magazines provided content specifically for the female fan. I would reluctantly put up some of these pics but only if I didn't have something cooler to take their place!

Motley in 1987. This photo session was a popular one & I have posters, 4 page pull-outs, centerfolds & stickers of it. After the gonzo glam of the Theatre Of Pain era, the above style was described as 'street'. Sure thing guys!

More stylized 'street' or 'relaxed' Glam Rock look for the Motleys in the Dr. Feelgood years. After a very glammy album artwork photo session of the boys in straight jackets they toned down their on & off stage clothes to the point where they just kinda looked like rocker dudes. The other difference is the sleeves of tattoos! An extreme lifestyle choice in 1988-89, not so much in the tattooed 21st century.

Come the Decade Of Decadence release in late 1991, the Motley's looked more & more straight & relaxed (minus Tommy's brief run in with a shaved head) & were destined to take over the world in a new phase of music that would add experimentation to their groovin' heavy Rock . . .

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