On The Cover Of The Metal Edge



It was no Rolling Stone but Metal Edge Magazine was the big time for some of the more popular Hard Rock & Metal acts of the 1980s. (The Crue were featured on the cover of Rock’s most prestigious magazine way back in 1987 . . . I could never get my hands on a copy though & 25 years later I’ve yet to have seen or read the contents).


Metal Edge’s Editor was Gerri Miller & she created a kind of Teen Beat format for Hard Rock & Metal acts (see comparison below).

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By the early 1990s  you could tell that the Motleys were increasingly disinterested in being featured in this teeny-bopper magazine. Motley also got less of the bigger shots on the cover & even Metallica started getting more print.


Although Metal Edge was geared more towards the femmes everyone read it & it always featured the latest, most high quality photos.The walls of the Sleaze Patrol Files are heavily decorated with these classic pin-ups & centerfolds!


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