Motley ‘Ultimate Backstage Pass’ Stickers, Hostess Chips, 1987


Motley Hostess Chip Stickers, 1987-001

Motley, Bon Jovi & a host of other artists were featured in a set of potato chip bag stickers touted as ‘The Ultimate Backstage Pass.’ I’ve somehow held onto 6 of them & here they are in all their 1 1/2" x 1 3/4" glory.

Motley Hostess Chip Stickers, 1987-003

Motley Hostess Chip Stickers, 1987-004

A Google search found a few of these floating around on EBay & even full sets for sale. Apparently there were 10 Crue stickers, probably 2 of each member (studio & live shots) & 2 band photos. I also remember a same sized patch of the band’s name in the Theatre Of Pain font but that may have been around earlier than 1987. The live shots show the band on their Girls, Girls, Girls tour which didn’t start until June of 1987 so these may have been in circulation as early as that summer.

Motley Hostess Chip Stickers, 1987-006

Motley Hostess Chip Stickers, 1987-007

Motley have always been infamous & their reputation has carried a lot of clout. Bon Jovi became a household name by selling tens of millions of records & writing catchy, safe pop hard rock whereas the Crue became a household name on a lot less record sales & an almost scary public reputation & more aggressive sound. That a Canadian potato chip company would market them equally is a testament to the band’s popularity in the late 1980s.

Motley Hostess Chip Stickers, 1987-008 

Motley Hostess Chip Stickers, 1987-005

Motley Hostess Chip Stickers, 1987-002


  1. are the stickers worth anything if they are in there package

  2. Couldn't tell you but I would think they're not worth much