Motley Crue Rock Pins

I didn’t do my Crue pin collection justice with an earlier post . . . I was distracted, still pissy from the news of the Motley/Poison tour, so here is the whole sh-bang as it currently exists.
Too Fast to Shout era pins. Motley displayed so much attitude & sleaze in their photos from this period & made for real eye-catching images, even reduced to rock pin size.
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I even made my own pins with wrapping tape, magazine clippings & pins from school pep rallies or whatever. They look like shit.
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Pins were really important to the fans of heavy bands back in the ‘80s. Asserting your favourite band’s image & presence with shirts & pins & graffiti on school desks & walls & notebooks was (& still is) a big part of the culture.
Here’s the rest of my Crue pins, from Theatre to Dr. Feelgood. Flags & T-Shirts to be featured down the road at the SP Files!!!

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